Malaybalay’s pride: 2 city soccer players in youth nat’l team

Bukidnon National High School student Charles Ivan Barberan, 13, a member of the Malaybalay City Football Club “Under 16” team (in photo) and another schoolmate Aian Mark Garcia, 15, make it to the Philippines U16 national team and will join the 18-member team to a tournament in Vietnam in May 2011. Photo courtesy of Gabby James Namoc/MCFC

MALAYBALAY CITY – Bukidnon National High School student Charles Ivan Barberan, 13, a member of the Malaybalay City Football Club “Under 16” team and a schoolmate Aian Mark Garcia, 15, made it to the Philippines’ U16 national team, provincial board member Roland Deticio said.
Deticio, president of the Malaybalay City Football Club, confirmed that the two will join practice games organized by the Philippine Football Federation in Cebu after the Holy Week.
He said the boys will practice in preparation for the 18-member team’s participation in a tournament in Vietnam in May 2011.

Deticio said the drafting of the two is a welcome development for Bukidnon football amid the rising popularity of the game brought by the rise of the “Azkals” national foot ball team.
He added that the two will go back to their classes after the tournament.
Gabby James Namoc, one of the coaches at MCFC, said the two were scouted during try outs held in the sidelines of the 7th Del Monte Football Tournament last month in Camp Philips, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.

The MCFC is one of the member clubs of the Bukidnon Football Association (BUFA), which includes as members the Del Monte Football Club. The DMFC holds the annual national youth football tournament.

The BUFA is also a member of the Philippine Football Federation (PFF), also a founder of the Asian Football Federation.

The youth foot ball clubs around the Philippines have welcomed the conduct of youth football tournaments to boost the development of the sports in the country.

Namoc said the BUFA itself has chosen four MCFC players to boost their bid for the Mindanao youth team. Those qualified to train for the BUFA team were Joshua Dutosme, Juarlito Daga-ang, Jesie John Millaries, and Aian Mark Garcia, all from the BNHS.

The MCFC recognized that the bulk of support for local football really come from the government sector. He said they are still starting to tap the private sector.

According to the MCFC, they are thankful of support from Gov. Alex P. Calingasan, Vice Gov. Jose Ma. R. Zubiri Jr, Mayor Ignacio W. Zubiri, Vice Mayor Victor Aldeguer, Malaybalay councilors Perla Rubio and Roland F. Deticio, Malaybalay City sport coordinator Niko Aldeguer, Dr. Sulpicio Henry Legaspi Jr, Bukidnon Provincial Medical Center director, Mishel Castilla, and MCFC secretary-general Jose Macabale Jr. (Walter I. Balane with a report by Gabby James Namoc of the MCFC)


2 Comments on “Malaybalay’s pride: 2 city soccer players in youth nat’l team”

  1. Anonimosity says:

    Football hehehe dli soccer.. kai ingon pa sa akong kaistorya nga taga UK, ang SOCCER is an association and football is the sport.. Proud of you bukidnon boys.. 😀

  2. Hi Anonimosity,
    Thanks for the feed back. You may be right.
    There is still no agreement on the use of the term at Bukidnon News. For now we took the liberty of using the two interchangeably.

    We learned that in Europe what they call as soccer is “association football,” not “football association.”

    Many sources say the Europeans started football and used “football” to refer to the game. But the Americans, who brought the sports to the Philippines, refer to it as “soccer.” Which probably is why we in Ph are used to call it “soccer”.

    In the rest of Asia, they call it football. Europeans brought the sports in Asia (except the Philippines).

    Maybe we should call it football, too.

    Again, thanks for taking time to react.

    If using “soccer” is erroneous, please accept our apologies. Thanks.

    The Editor
    Bukidnon News Dispatch

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