Police director to biz community: Unite, organize SCAA vs. extortion

MALAYBALAY CITY – A top ranking official of Bukidnon Police Provincial Office (BPPO) advised big businessmen in the province to be united and organize Special Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU) Active Auxiliary (SCAA) for their protection against extortion activities.


“Big plantation owners, hog and poultry raisers in Bukidnon should be united. Once they form a strong association they could ask the government to organize SCAA for their business protection against extortion activities,” said Police Senior Superintendent Rey Crestito Gonzalodo, Bukidnon police chief on April 6.


Gonzalodo said instead of giving money to extortionist they could spend it for SCAA unit that could give protection on their business.


“A paramilitary unit is more effective than a security guard. They are armed and well-trained to combat against extortionist particularly the New People’s Army (NPA),” Gonzalodo said.


He said some of hog and poultry farms don’t hire security guards.


On the previous years, suspected members of NPA attacked some hog and poultry farms in Malaybalay City and adjacent towns. Reportedly, the rebels attacked the said businesses due to refusal to give revolutionary tax.


Military and police officials told reporters that NPA, the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) allegedly accumulated large amount of money in their extortion activities to finance their operations.

“Most of big plantations, hog and poultry farms are located in the interior villages. Not all the time the military and the police could do a patrol for their protection. So, they better invest for the safety of their business and themselves,” Gonzalodo said.

Gonzalodo further advised businessmen not to be afraid to report to authorities about extortionists. He said businessmen should provide them accurate information for effective action.

In the month of February, members of the NPA claimed responsibility for attacking two big banana firms – the Sumifru and Dole Stanfilco Philippines. Suspected members of NPA were also tagged of attacking some businessmen in Bukidnon.(Mel B. Madera)


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